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Mixie the green Pixie

Believe in your own magic
to protect this planet!

Follows the comedic adventures of Mixie and her friends as they explore the world outside and learn to do their part to protect the planet! Grab your umbrella and all your planet-saving gear because when Mixie blows into town, fun - and the forecast - can get a little unpredictable! But don't let her style fool you. MIXIE is brave, resourceful, bright and loyal. She is just like any ordinary six-year old girl, except she has one very big secret!


Mixie is a pixie-in-training – an ’eco-green fairy’ sent from the far-away planet of Zeta Phay to make the earth a greener and cleaner place to live. If she succeeds, Mixie will earn her set of wings. It may seem like a gigantic job, but this energetic rookie is up to the challenge.

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