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45 Days. 8 Cities. 4 Guys. 1 Van.

The summer after college graduation is commonly spent traveling on trains across Europe or partying the nights away in Mexico. But “if your tastes are slightly skewed“ you cram 4 rowdy friends into a ˜97 minivan to journey cross-country, hitting open mic nights at small-fry comedy clubs, while working towards the dream of making it big in the vicious, unruly, unforgiving world of stand-up comedy.


At the core of the tour were the brash jokesters:

Steven “Filthy Cabana Boy” Briggs

Tommy “T-Stack" Stackhouse

Taylor “T-Butz” Butz

Graham “G-Ram” Nolte


With mics in hand, these guys set out to develop their own unique brand of comedy throughout America.

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