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Penniless at Christmas

The lies one tells for love.

John and Maggie Bowers, a New York couple, had a sweet and charming life…until now. Unfortunately, they are on the cusp of losing their publishing business. When their only daughter, decides to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, John vows to find Maggie the perfect holiday to temporarily forget their troubles.

Under circumstances that would make lesser men throw in the towel, John initiates a life-changing scheme that,not only will make his wife forget their current situation, but, adds a little…joie de vivre into the mix. Maggie doesn’t know he has signed them both up with Society Staffing, a domestic help employment agency for the wealthy. They have been hired as the overseas domestic staff for the Campbell family gathering in Paris, France.


All hell breaks loose in this off-the-cuff romantic comedy, as the Bowers try to hide their insolvency from their only child and their true identity from their temporary employers using the wealth of fictions they fabricated this holiday season.

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