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What happens if the love you choose isn't the one chosen
for you?

In this modern updated The Prince And The Pauper tale, Indian Princess Reena Chakara decides to escape from the comfort of her parent’s palace in Mumbai and go to college in America’s greatest city, New York. But residing in Brooklyn is an unknown, dead-on, look-alike young woman named Maya Torres, and she’s dead on funds too. Reena has it all – plenty of money, expensive designer clothes, and a shoe fetish that rivals any wealthy woman’s fantasy. But something is wrong; she isn’t happy. Meanwhile, Maya is saddled with student debt and struggles just to pay rent. She can’t even afford new clothes and has to design and sew them herself. 


With one touch of a button, Reena and Maya are lifted to the penthouse in the sky, where dreams and wishes come true for a pair of unlikely, unrelated, identical look-alikes as they both embark on one whacky, no-expense spared journey of self-discovery when they switch lives and find love throughout the wealthy canyons of New York’s elite and the hedgerow mansions of the infamous top one percent.

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