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Two different worlds,
two different loves,
bound by one teen girl.

Sixteen-year-old Brielle Laxton’s life is falling apart following a horrific car crash. Her father is dead, her gymnastic career is benched, and haunting nightmares invade her dreams. As they become more and more persistent, Brielle drowns herself in energy drinks to avoid sleeping. After weeks of nagging, her best friend drags her to see his aunt, a renowned dream psychotherapist. The doctor explains to Brielle her nightmares are real. She is a soul retriever with the astounding ability to transport into the afterlife through her dreams to help trapped spirits “cross over.” This waystation, THE OTHERSIDE, is a wasteland of souls with unfinished business . . . and every one of them has a story. The only way to stop Brielle’s nightmares is to help these spirits resolve their issues that keep them tethered to the earth. 

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