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Widowed mom reclaims her life by restarting back on the ground floor.

Hard to take a deep breath and begin to relax when one’s life is so messy and complicated. Ally Lambert has lost her husband, younger son and their “1%” lifestyle. She is trying to rebuild her world with her other son but things never seem to go right. Ally has just turned the corner of the dark death hole she has been living in. Her husband’s life insurance money is running out and its time to join the human race. In her NEW reality Ally is juggling work for the hottest luxury real estate agency, raising a disagreeable son and studying for an on-line degree at night...leaving her on empty. Her Bitch Queen (BQ) mother-in-law has kicked her out of the Penthouse apartment she has lived in since she was married. Ally has to figure out a way back to the top, this time, on her own. 

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